Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer

“Euro3plast S.p.A. is the exclusive owner of the trademarks “euro3plast”, “KHILIA”, “MITU” and “PLUST Collection”® as well as of any image, file, chart, and any other graphic element used in its web site and catalogues. Any use of the mentioned distinguishing signs  by third parties, also on a non-profit-making basis, shall be previously authorized in writing by euro3plast S.p.A., which will assess the terms and conditions of their use. Unless previously authorized by euro3plast, nobody shall assign to third parties any right to enjoy the use of euro3plast's distinguishing signs that he himself may have been granted.

Any authorized use of the mentioned signs must always include the insertion of the trademarks “euro3plast”, “KHILIA”, “MITU” or “PLUST Collection”®, as the case may be, and cannot be used but for the sole purpose specified in the prior authorization.

Along with the authorization, euro3plast S.p.A. and the authorized party may agree on the support system, e.g. CD-Rom, containing the authorized sign and the relevant trademark to be delivered by euro3plast to the authorized party.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, any authorization to use the abovementioned trademarks shall not mean any license to use them nor the assignment of any exploitation rights on them, and shall not imply nor result in any kind of distribution agreement, agency, proxy, commission or affiliation between euro3plast S.p.A. and the authorized third party, therefore being understood that the authorized party shall not be entitled to qualify himself as a distributor, agent, broker, commission agent, franchisee or sales representative of euro3plast S.p.A..

Any misuse of the mentioned distinguishing signs and/or trademarks will be prosecuted”.