Sun, Fire and Water. Or rather, Sol, Fuego and Agua. These are the three new Capsule Collection colour trends which evoke the sunny and vibrant atmospheres of the Mediterranean, and which euro3plast presented, not surprisingly, in Marseilles at the latest edition of the JdC Garden Trends fair. A city of contrasts, lapped by the Mediterranean sea itself, but also one rich in Middle Eastern and African influences – just like the new colours of the Capsule Collection, inspired by the sun, the earth and the sea. A style that is both unique and also very recognisable.

The Capsule Collection 2023/2024 is a tribute to the colours, fragrances and flavours of the Mediterranean and its enchanting landscapes, spanning Italy, Greece, Spain and France. Sol recalls the typical warmth of seafarers and the fine sands of its beaches, Fuego the clay soil and fiery sunsets, Agua the blue of the sea blending with the crystal-clear sky. A sunny and lush palette of colours that will see as its stars the Mitu Pac pots of the Home collection, the young, sparkling euro3plast line that focuses on colour, and the matching saucers.