In the beginning
Euro3plast began writing its history by making plastic saucers and oblong trays which were added to by household items the company manufactured and sold in the early years of its business.
The market
The company looked to the future with ambition and began building up an export market by taking part in major trade fairs such as Macef. Many customers we met in the early '80s are still with euro3plast today.
The turning point
Euro3plast chose to complete its offer by producing pots, plant boxes and vases. We ordered the first molds for the production line dedicated to these products with the goal of moving more vigorously into the garden sector.
Euro3plast was among the first in the sector to add the innovative and versatile rotational-molding technology to the traditional injection method. This achieved significant improvements in the shapes and sizes of our pots and garden products, to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving market.
The web
The desire to be increasingly active at an international level drove euro3plast to publish his first website presenting its products and collections through the internet.
New premises
Euro3plast opened its new headquarters, a complex where you can still find both production lines, offices and showroom.
Green heart
Euro3plast renewed its commitment to the environment by presenting Origini, the line of biodegradable pots produced nature’s way.
The challenge
Euro3plast decides to renew its image and communication strategy to convey the quality, technology, innovation, materials research, reliability and service that stand as the cornerstones of its corporate ethos.
Our first 40 years
Proud of its 40 years of history and business, euro3plast celebrates the achievement by continuing, as always, to interpret - and offer to the market - the full range of plastic’s potential.