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From the nature, to the nature.

Sand, jade, rosemary, ash, face powder and ivory: elements of the nature, which names and tones inspired us in the process of creating a range of pastel tones that never cease to amaze.

As a consequence, our colors reached the first position in the DECORATION category, under HOME and GARDEN sectors of the 2015 edition of competition “Elu par les femmes, pour les femmes”*, organized by the French association Women’s Garden Executive Club.

An important victory, which follows the success already obtained in the previous edition by the Tuit pot. A victory that not only confirms a single product, but the entire new range of colors that we introduced in our 2014 collection.

"We are very pleased by this award" - said Sabina Boscato, Euro3Plast sales and marketing manager- because it's an additional confirmation on the path we've undertaken. We've always followed our intuition and experience in providing the market with products able to innovate and make the garden's world even more beautiful. Today, 65 women from the gardening world award and encourage us to keep walking on this path of research and discover.


Competition organized by the French association WGEC, 84 dossiers have been examined in January 2015 by a panel of 85 ladies who are experts in the market of garden products and pet animals.