y_STYLE) warnings lights

1. Before replacing a bulb make sure that the power plug has been disconnected.

2. Connect the plug of the appliance to a power outlet that is located in a sheltered position, protected from rain and water splashes.

3. If the external flexible cable of this appliance is damaged it must be replaced by either the manufacturer, the manufacturer’s customer assistance service or by equivalent qualified personnel, in order to prevent possible hazards.

4. For models that are not equipped with an inline on/off switch, connect the plug of the appliance to a switch controlled outlet.

5. The use and/or installation of illumination devices on instable surfaces/floors or pavement (sand, soil, grass, stones, gravel, etc.) is discouraged. Neither must illumination devices be installed near (adjacent to or on the same level as) swimming pools and/or other water environments.

6. If light articles are set up with earth, plants and/or vases, they must be secured to the ground with our anchoring systems, where provided.

7. The light Outdoor pots have drainage holes inside and on the base, or a drainage tube. Both solutions are to allow excess water to drain away.

8. Euro3Plast S.p.A. cannot accept liability for any damage caused to things or persons by an incorrect use of the product.