Euro3plast was founded in 1974 producing plastic products for the garden and home. The innovation related to the production of pots, home accessories, and lamps is at the base of the company's continuous growth, which today distributes its products worldwide.

Made in Italy

A fifty-year-long story

Euro3plast began its own story in 1974 in the Veneto region, which is rich in history and was already characterized by strong strategic significance in Roman times. Near the present-day inhabited center of Ponte di Barbarano, home of Euro3plast, passed an important trade route that led from Este to Vicenza.

We draw inspiration for the future from the history of our land, building a path that, starting from our roots, can carry sustainable ideas and projects into the future.

Euro3plast was founded on December 27, 1974 by Alvise Boscato and Sergio Rabito and is active in the production, including on behalf of third parties, of plastic articles in general.

During the early years of activity, production was mainly focused on household items, before expanding over time with the introduction of lines of gardening articles and designer furnishings, articles for pets, and accessories for various needs.


Why Choose Us

We offer indoor and outdoor pots and planters with refined design, featuring different shapes, colors, and sizes. All our solutions provide the opportunity to express a unique style and personality while respecting not only the needs of our customers but also the environment in which we operate. We have chosen to work with plastic for its versatility, quality, and lightweight properties. In 2023, Euro3plast decided to draft and publish its first Sustainability Report, aiming to transparently assess and communicate results and future commitments for sustainable development.


Why plastic?

We chose to work with plastic for its versatility, quality, lightweight, and color.

In 2021, Euro3plast set the goal of increasing the range of items produced with post-consumer recycled materials under the brand "GREENER." In 2023, the project to certify the supply chain of recycled raw materials was launched.

Discover the Greener line of recycled plastic pots!

Passionate by nature

Euro3plast was founded in 1974, producing plastic products for the garden and home. Innovation in the production of pots, home accessories, and lamps has been the cornerstone of the company's continuous growth. Today, Euro3plast distributes its products worldwide.


With our three different management systems, we can assure quality and reliability from production to distribution.

We have decided to follow severe rules, to ensure not only customer satisfaction, but respect for the environment and health protection.

Introduced in 1997 to confirm the commercial soundness of our products and to meet our customers’ requirements, our Quality Management System complies with the ISO 9001:2015 Standard and is certified by DNV GL.

We have always been sensitive to environment issues: in 2001, in order to confirm our commitment, we also adopted an Environment Management System certified by DNV GL in accordance with the provisions of the ISO 14001:2015 Standard.

We have always been consistant in our commitment to safety at the workplace. And as testament to our attention, we have achieved, in 2013, certification of our Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018, a standard which approves our propensity to ongoing improvement in the tasks our personnel perform, in keeping with current laws and the most advanced national - and international standards.