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Shapes, colors, and different sizes: all the solutions to express your style and reveal your personality both at home and in the garden through the choice of a plastic pot

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euro3plast story

Euro3plast began writing its own story in 1974 in Veneto, in a territory rich in history and already characterized in Roman times by a strong strategic significance, as near the present-day inhabited center of Ponte di Barbarano, home of Euro3plast, passed an important trade route, which led from Este to Vicenza.

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Greener collection

Caring for the environment is important to us. Greener is the line of pots made entirely from recycled plastic to meet the need for a cleaner planet and to offer nature lovers the opportunity to be truly sustainable.

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Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2023

Sustainability Report 2023

Celebrating our first 50 years, we renew our 'green' commitment and present our first Sustainability Report.

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