Greener is the line of pots made entirely from recycled plastic to meet the need for a cleaner planet and to offer nature lovers the opportunity to be truly sustainable.

Plastic has a 'greener' and more environmentally friendly essence. Being 'greener' for us means giving up producing new plastic and instead utilizing what is already available to us

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Sustainability report

In celebration of our first 50 years, which we will commemorate in 2024, we are renewing our 'green' commitment. That is why Euro3plast is pleased to present its first Sustainability Report. Euro3plast's Sustainability Report aligns with the sustainable development goals defined by the UN's Agenda 2030 and represents a significant opportunity to translate our commitment and choices into tangible actions regarding economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Euro3plast, sustainable by nature

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Which story does a Greener pot hold?

Greener is the result of a passionate partnership between technology and nature. Its essence tells a great love story for the environment. Choose a Greener pot and make our planet smile.

You too can become a protagonist of the story!

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